Friday, May 22, 2009

CEIC and Kolsch

Just got back from CEIC 2009 in Orlando, FL. Jan and I had a great time. Our keynote speaker at the conference was none other than Leonard Nimoy. Mr. Nimoy has a great sense of humor and was very entertaining to listen to. I enjoyed it very much.
The conference itself was first rate. I did a presentation during the conference, but I also sat in on various others. I was impressed by all the labs I sat in on.
The food and drink was great, and the hotel, Loew's Royal Pacific, made it that much better.
Before we left to Orlando, I brewed and bottled a Kolsch bier. When I got back, I opened a week old bottle of it and was very happy. After a few more weeks conditioning it should be fantastic.
The Kolsch used Glacier and Vanguard hops. The bier has a slight yeasty smell, but isn't offensive, it's actually pleasant.

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