Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sad Lawsuit by ACLU

If you haven't heard about the lawsuit brought about by the ACLU, please take a look at this video. I'm a veteran and this makes me sad for our country. The lawsuit was upheld by CA 9th circuit court (gee, who would of thought) *end sarcasm*. It's nothing but a simple memorial placed there by war veterans in the middle of the desert, but the ACLU doesn't want it there. I'm not a very religious person, but when the courts allow things like this to happen, it's a sad day for the people of our nation.
The case is to be heard the United States Supreme Court. Hopefully, they will have more sense then the 9th circuit court. Click here to "See the Video".

Friday, May 22, 2009

CEIC and Kolsch

Just got back from CEIC 2009 in Orlando, FL. Jan and I had a great time. Our keynote speaker at the conference was none other than Leonard Nimoy. Mr. Nimoy has a great sense of humor and was very entertaining to listen to. I enjoyed it very much.
The conference itself was first rate. I did a presentation during the conference, but I also sat in on various others. I was impressed by all the labs I sat in on.
The food and drink was great, and the hotel, Loew's Royal Pacific, made it that much better.
Before we left to Orlando, I brewed and bottled a Kolsch bier. When I got back, I opened a week old bottle of it and was very happy. After a few more weeks conditioning it should be fantastic.
The Kolsch used Glacier and Vanguard hops. The bier has a slight yeasty smell, but isn't offensive, it's actually pleasant.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Xmas In Europe

Well, Age and I made a Holiday Ale with a grated orange peels, grated ginger, honey and a cinnamon stick add to the brew. Turned out great! Really hoppy after the conditioning in the bottle the first week, then it mellowed out. Good stuff.
During xmas, I took Jan and the family to Belgium. I found out we have lot's of family there. Every family member we met was so hospitable and took great care of us. Everyone fed me and Age great Belgium beers, like Chimay! Lots of Chimay.
We rented a minivan so all six of us could fit. That was a challenge to drive around. The streets in Europe were definitely designed before the invention of the family van. Wow. Tight streets and parking places. We drove through Paris, Koln, Mainz, Rotenburg o der Taber, Amsterdam. Amsterdam was the worst. Small streets next to the water ways, but I passed the test. Next time I'm renting a tiny smart car.
Right now, we have a stout conditioning in the bottle and a Belgium Triple up next.