Saturday, September 27, 2008

eDiscovery and Lager Yeast

Well, that Wiezenbock turned out nicely. Even after it's noisy fermentation, it has a roasted and slight chocolate flavor. I find that it tastes better at a warmer serving temp. Very smooth. My son, Age and I brewed a Belgium Dubbel that has already fermented out. We bottled it last week, so now we are waiting. When tasting it out of the fermenter while we were bottling it was good. Strong and good. Age thought it almost tasted like a mixed drink because of the alcohol content.
Right now I'm going to brew a California Common beer. This uses a Lager yeast, but ferments at Ale temp. I'm using the White labs San Francisco Lager Yeast. I've made a yeast starter (in the pic), and its a good strong yeast. The starter won't quit. But I've got to get it boiled and into the fermenter before I leave to DC this week to attend an eDiscovery class. When I get back we'll give the Belgium Dubbel a taste test.

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